Type Of Roof Type

The roof is the main part of a house. Roofing material for roofing depends on the function and desire of the owner of the house. Here are some reviews of the types of the roof for you who are still confused to choose. The roof of the shingle is usually made of ironwood or weather-resistant Ulin wood. The roof of the shingle is used by buildings that emphasize simplicity but still luxurious like Pendopo, Villa, gazebo, meeting hall, and so forth. Can be used for 25 – 40-degree slope. The advantages are Each sheet of shingle has a color, width, thickness and unique pieces that look natural. Make the house feel cool because it does not absorb heat and provide good air circulation for the roof. As for Clay roof. This material is widely used in general homes. The span is made of clay that is pressed and burned. Strength enough. Clay tile requires a framework for installation. Tile mounted on the sloping roof. Roof tile implements interlocking installation system or interlocking and binding. The slope used is 30 ° – 40 °. Excess type of clay tile is a relatively cheap price, has a light weight to minimize the load on the roof, has a compressive strength that can be trodden.

There is also a Roof of Concrete Tiles. Concrete roof is divided into two, namely concrete roof tile and reinforced concrete roof (cor). For concrete roof tiles are commonly found on the roof of a minimalist or modern house. While reinforced concrete roofs are used in homes that will be leveled or that have a relaxing space on the roof of the house. Concrete roofing lately become an option for residential developers. Many minimalist houses and luxury homes in residential complexes that use roofing of concrete roof tiles. The slope of concrete roof tiles used 30 ° – 35 °. The advantages of this type of roof are Coated with fiber and certain additive materials. Concrete roof tiles also have high resistance to weathering, fires, weather, and insects. Concrete tile does have a higher quality than clay tile seen from the strength and variations. But for the selection of middle to lower clay tiles is more suitable. And for residential or urban communities with luxury homes tend to adjust, which of course more have a roof with concrete roof tiles.

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